Tuesday, July 27, 2010

history maker

I was looking at these pictures of Naya tonight marveling at how precious and complex my little girl is. They reminded me of these I took of Ella in the same dress last year.
Naya has been on my heart a lot lately. My little history maker has been making life a little crazy lately. Three is a really hard age as I recall with Juden.
I've been doing a lot of disciplining and a lot of praying with and for my girl. Sometimes I wonder, 'where is all this anger and hyper-emotionalism coming from, over the tiniest thing?' I always try to make sure we are okay after I have to discipline her, that she knows I love her even if I don't tolerate her behavior. But really there is just no formula to this parenting thing. Believe me, I've read lots of good books. It's all about humility, prayer, grace, forgiveness, love and more love. My, it can be wearisome too though. I pray that God will give me patience to shape my fiery little daughter, to be wise and firm but always full of grace. That I might study just the way her little heart works with all its needs.
It dawned on me, just how much I am like my little daughter with Jesus. I'm hard headed, fretful, angry, and untrusting at times...so dis-believing that he loves me and knows what's best. But how blessed it is when I rest on His bosom with faith like a child to embrace His love and care for me.

The last picture is of me at three and it reminded me a little of Naya now.


Mom said...

beautiful photos of our beautiful little stinker! She'll be fine.

Lauren said...

wow. those photos of you and naya DO bear a strong resemblance to one another!!! i just wanted to post to encourage you, as another mama to a FIERY, EMOTIONAL, sometimes OFF-THE-CHARTS daughter, that you are not alone in your struggle. i don't have definitive answers or deep wisdom to offer, but sometimes it is enough to know that your 'valleys' are not all that extraordinary or individual. our girls WILL be history-makers, world-changers, women to reckon with. and much of what makes them difficult to parent now, will contribute to them being fantastic women later...

linda said...

Thanks for Your encouragement Lauren. I know I look back and laugh at some of the scenarios I deal with but I can't wait to see what a bold and spirited little lady she becomes. I am honestly so grateful to be entrusted with these incredible little people and to play a part in who they become.