Wednesday, March 10, 2010

whatever is lovely

“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”
~C.S. Lewis~

I love homeschooling. Juden drew lions while I read the story of David Livingstone fighting off the lion from Hero Tales. He has an insatiable appetite for books and usually illustrates what ever I am reading about. We have to stagger out the written work a little more. I have loved getting to watch his curiosity and excitement as he patiently works at reading and writing with such determination. I know these days are a gift, as we're snuggled up in a sunny corner with our reading that I enjoy just as much as him.
A few other things I'm loving right now~
* A handful of wishes from Ella.
* The gentleness of March and the nearness of Spring.
* The other night when Naya looked at the sunset and said, "Look Ella, Jesus made you an pinkalicious sky!"
* Moving Naya from the crib to Ella's bed, the sweetness of them asleep together.
the earthy smell of Juden's little head when he comes inside like spring time and sun. It's pure heaven.
* The smell of shoe polish, and suddenly I'm six years old on a Sunday morning chatting away to my dad as he sings and shines his shoes.
* A snow day last week and daffodils this week.
* Naya's wispy curls.
* crocuses and tiny buds.
* bare feet and flip flops, they don't waste any time.
* buying seeds.
* My precious husband who out of the blue announced he was giving me and entire day to myself, a very rare thing.
* The whispers from God in the earth, in my kids laughter, in the love of friends.
* The loveliness of being alive.


Christine said...

Oh, I love this so much. Your posts always make me so excited to be a mother! First, I didn't know you homeschooled - so cool! Second, I love that C.S. Lewis quote AND your photography and your new header :)

Cindy said...

LOVE the latest photo at the top of your blog! Beautiful! I have a much smaller pod on my mantle ~ I collect beautiful gifts from the Lord...too much maybe! Is it milkweed? I got mine last time I was visiting Lynn and brought it home. Where did you find yours?

I seriously think you should publish a book of pictures of your children and your thoughts ~ your blog is such a blessing.

anna j said...

Oh my word . . ."whatever is lovely" is whatever appears on your blog! I gasped when I opened your blog to see the new photos. And your beautiful heart-words are lovelier still.
Thank you for lifting the spirits of us all!

linda said...

Thank you guys, isn't Spring amazing! I think that it's butterfly milkweed and Ella found it amidst the dead vines in our back yard very happy to have hit the jackpot of wishes. When ever we would find one of these white wisps we make a wish.

Lauren said...

i LOVE your new header, linda! and what beautiful snapshots from a well-lived, well-LOVED life! it has been a joy to reconnect through blogs, and to watch your life after high school come into full bloom <3

linda said...

Thanks Lauren, you too.