Thursday, January 07, 2010

snow angel

Every once in a great while the light changes and the sky is full and snow falls slowly, gently transforming all to shimmering powder white. Their eyes grow wide and out they trudge all wrapped up. I watch her catch snow on her tongue, they stomp out footprints, make snowballs and angels. We don't mind the cold for the rare wonder of snow. We pile in with ice-caked mittens and ruddy cheeks to the fire and a warm cup and our hearts are full.

Walking Home from Oak-Head

There is something
about the snow-laden sky
in winter
in the late afternoon
that brings to the heart elation
and the lovely meaninglessness
of time.
Whenever I get home - whenever -
somebody loves me there.
I stand in the same dark peace
as any pine tree,
or wander on slowly
like the still unhurried wind,
as for a gift,
for the snow to begin
which it does
at first casually,
then, irrepressibly.
Wherever else I live -
in music, in words,
in the fires of the heart,
I abide just as deeply
in this nameless, indivisible place,
this world,
which is falling apart now,
which is white and wild,
which is faithful beyond all our expressions of faith,
our deepest prayers.
Don't worry, sooner or later I'll be home.
Red-cheeked from the roused wind,
I'll stand in the doorway
stamping my boots and slapping my hands,
my shoulders
covered with stars.

~ Mary Oliver ~


Here is a play list of some beautiful laid-back snowy day kind of music for your listening pleasures.

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Christine said...

Thank you! For the lovely photos, the beautiful poem, and the playlist. You always seem to choose the best poetry excerpts. Do you have any books you recommend?

Susan said...

So glad there was enough snow to play in - love the photos of the kids playing and the sweet photo with Naya and her daddy drinking hot cocoa! Love, Mimi

linda said...

I do Christine, I'll try and compile a list but in the poetry realm the ones I come back to again and again are Wendell Berry,Dylan Thomas- collected works and Mary Oliver-collected poems or 'Thirst'.

Dee said...

I just "happened" upon your blog this evening and I just wanted to let you know how lovely it is. I was reading another blog, when I decided to hit the "next blog" button, which I had never done before. About 5 clicks in, this is where I landed. I too am a lover of photography, so I was absolutely delighted by your photos. I will definitely stop by again soon. Cheers!

linda said...

Hello Dee, glad to "meet" you.