Friday, December 25, 2009

the weary world rejoices

"Was there a moment, known only to God, when the galaxies paused in their dance for a fraction of a second, and the Word, who had called it all into being, went with all his love into the womb of a young girl, and the universe started to breathe again, and the ancient harmonies resumed their song, and the angels clapped their hands for joy?"
~Madeleine L'Engle~


Susanna... said...

Merry Christmas Linda! I loved your pictures...what is the book you were reading with the kids?...and in your other post - i LOVED the picture of the kids in front of the fireplace. Made me all nostalgic and homesick.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the penpal idea - my life has just been crazy...but we haven't forgotten - you'll find something in your mailbox soon yet!

linda said...

Susanna, I had wanted to do a post on some our our favorite December books but there were lots of things that I had no time to write about. The book in the picture is a beautiful book called 'Tonight You Are My Baby~ Mary's Christmas Gift' by Jeannine Q. Norris. It's one of our favorite's, and is from Mary's perspective.

They'll be thrilled to get mail! I read your newsletter. What an amazing and bittersweet year. Love and prayers.