Friday, October 02, 2009

a few more

I seem to find less and less time to sit and write lately so I thought I would attempt to catch up a bit on things as summer has breathed its last and it's officially Fall. The newlyweds arrived back safe from a three week honeymoon to New York, London, and France visiting our family along the way. Now they're in that stage I remember so well of making their home together. I'm happy that they live just up the road.

my brothers and sisters

They asked me to sing the Beatles song "I Will" for their first dance and it was perfect for the occasion. Keith wandered into my house two days before the wedding and sheepishly asked if I could sing one more song and then started looking on YouTube for it. I didn't know it, but you know a girl just doesn't say no to her little brother. And I instantly loved the song. Robert Heiskell was kind enough to accompany me at very short notice.


Susan said...

Lovely, Linda! It was so nice to relive this moment, since I missed most of your songs at the wedding due to potty breaks! I've always loved his song - you've made me love it more. Love, Mimi

Kelly said...

So lovely, Linda.
When is your CD coming out?

Anonymous said...

Linda, I've just listened to this twice. I'll be revisiting again, tomorrow. So, about that CD? I could listen to you sing all day (and I mean it)!


linda said...

Shonda, you are so sweet. You know I am almost afraid to say out loud when it will be done since it's taking forever. There is too many musical projects going on at the same time over here. We are actually just waiting for it to be mastered and then printed. I'll definitely post when it is done. That song will be on it.

Karen said...

so beautiful linda. i love to hear you sing.