Wednesday, July 01, 2009

what the day holds

I love these long summer days of never knowing what the day will hold. We are stretching our days into the night so that maybe we can pull the reigns on summer and make her slow down a little. Here are few things that have made me smile lately:
the smell of linseed oil and paint as I watch him quietly work,

outside concerts with balloons and dancing kids and water ice,

downtown fountains all to ourselves,

pool days,watching stars,and playing on hay bales,

this song,

and this song that will make you smile and move.


Jenn said...

I love this post. The picture of you at the end is particularly striking. Your posts are eye candy for the creative at heart. Thanks.

linda said...

Jenn, thanks so much for your kind words. We should do the early morning fountains sometime this week.

Holloway Clan said...

Tag! You're it. I've given you an award. Check it out on my blog.