Friday, January 23, 2009

31 things

So despite feeling like it's kind of narcissistic and since I've been in the house for way too long with children under the weather and because my good friend tagged me a while back, I will write some random things about myself. If there is any topic I'm an expert on I suppose it would be me, besides I like reading them about other people so here goes.

1 I hail from NJ but I hate being cold.
2 I have a British looking nose that I use to be shy about but now I'm fine with it because I look like my dad, however I listened to my husband who told me not to pierce it several years ago when I was about to.
3 My middle name is Dorothy which I don't particularly like except that I was named for a woman who has been through more than any mother should ever have to bare and she is still faithful to God, so I am proud to have her name.
4 I love a lot of things, photography, art, singing, poetry, creative writing but don't feel particularly very good at any of them, and that's okay because I still want to do them.
5 I was always extremely shy and some people thought I was a snob which bothered me. I think my very extroverted husband has helped me come out my shell.
6 I have always been terrified of going to the doctors and I still break into a cold sweat but I no longer try to kick them when getting a needle.
7 Thai food is my favorite and hot tea or chai are my drinks of choice.
8 I believe Jesus is our only hope to cure the mess and pain that brokenness and sin leaves us in.
9 I have a few mantra's that are daily prayers of mine, "Lord help me to love what you love and hate what you hate." and I repeat these verses to myself alot, Lamentations 3:22-23 Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
10 Fall is my favorite season though I would not like the absence of any of them and I've noticed I like to wear colors that go with the season, yellow and white in summer, orange and brown during Autumn, black and white in the winter etc.
11 I'd take a mountain trail over the mall any day. I don't like to shop unless it is a thrift store or book store. I do however like pretty things and dressing up occasionally. Anthropologie, Blue Skies and shops like them do make me drool a bit, but I'm happy to look and admire.
12 I used to be really into pottery and sculpting.
13 I used to have trouble trusting guys and was much more interested in going on the mission field than dating.
14 The first time I ever sang in front of people I was so scared my sister sang with me so that I could do it.
15 I like to have a tidy living space but kids make it harder and I wish organization came more naturally; don't look in my closets or junk drawers.
16 I have a good memory and often see my life like the clips from old 8 millimeter movies, complete with soundtrack.
17 I have been blessed with an amazing tribe of woman surrounding me whom I love dearly and who help me be a better person.
18 I cry when I'm sad, I cry when I'm happy and sometimes when something is beautiful.
19 There are few things more luxurious than someone washing or brushing my hair, it melts me.
20 I have always wanted to adopt children and hope God will use me in some capacity in the realm of adoption/ child advocacy.
21 I met Josh at Covenant College my freshmen year and the first time I talked to him was sitting around a fire at a Halloween party.
22 He was my first boyfriend and the first guy I ever kissed.
23 He asked me to marry him in a train tunnel.
24 He makes me laugh everyday, made me breakfast in bed last week and last night I watched him strumming his guitar from across the room and felt like every ounce of me would burst with love for him. He makes my life better everyday. With that said, marriage is really hard work and I fail at it all the time.
25 I love road trips and daydream about going to India, Italy, Ireland, England,and Prague, to name a few. I hate confrontation, racism, cancer, and legalism.
26 Josh teases me about taking long showers but that is because when he isn't home it's a two minute affair with someone begging to get in with me or unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper before I even get the shampoo out.
27 Sometimes I have bad dreams and wake up mad or disturbed even though it didn't really happen.
28 I sometimes struggle to quiet voices that tell me I can't, I'm not lovable, I'm not good enough, I'm not of worth.
29 I am a little dramatic, an idealist, a complete romantic, and usually a very content person in the sense that God is more than enough.
30 I have slept many places including a bedroom in Dorset overlooking a meadow of sheep, the floor of a Church in Lisbon Portugal, a castle on the coast in Jamaica, a homeless mission in NY city, a VW bus near the beach in Savannah, an RV behind an adult bookstore in Denver, on a mountain top near a waterfall in Georgia.
31 I had a boy and two little girls in three years and I love being their mama.

Now it's your turn.


Susan said...

For these 31 things, and myriads more that could never be counted, I love and appreciate you. You are a gift to Josh, and to all of the Greens. I'd love to see what 31 people would write about who you are. I think the thing that delighted me most when Josh was first smitten was him telling me, "Mom, every time I'm around her I want to be more like Christ." There aren't words to express the joy that filled my heart, when I first heard him say that, and as I watch you and Josh love each other and be parents to Juden, Ella, and Naya. You are dearly loved! And I just have to say, too - I love your writing, I love your voice, I love your photos and the way you hum as you go about things. And I think your nose is lovely!

Amy said...

This was a delight to read, as is everything you write. Beautiful job.

ruth harlow said...

Since my brother, Joseph, has your blog link on his blog, I've enjoyed for the past few years what you have to say and your gorgeous photos of your children and nature. I love your eye for beauty in everyday things that God has blessed you with...I appreciate your honesty and've made me cry (because I, too, cry at things that are utterly too sweet or sad).

I wish I could write like you.
Ruth Nichols Harlow

anna j said...

i just had a few moments of joyous connection, in a virtual sense, loving this post. i always do. but tonight i had a few resonating instances, proudly thrilled to find that someone else shared parts of myself . . . your shyness description, for one. and the memory that views life like a film screen . . .
thanks for sharing.
and i DO hope you feel better very soon!
love, anna

Karen said...

Lament. 3:22-23 has been a soft, gracious landing for a really hard day. God often uses your words to comfort me on a bad day, even in a whimsical post like this one. You really are a treasure to me. Bumbling through what my full heart is saying...

linda said...

Thankyou my sweet friends, and Ruth - I do remember you, though better known as "little Josephine". Thanks for your kind words and congatulations on your recent marriage!