Thursday, November 06, 2008

star wars kids

Well, that is enough weightiness for the moment, on to the documenting of the Star Wars tricker-treaters.

For Juden everyday is a good day to be a hero in his super Juden cape, or a pirate or a cowboy or lately, anything Star Wars. He's got a little Star Wars schizophrenia, so if you ask him what he was he will list the names of every character he can remember. A day where little people stroll the streets in costume is a dream come true for Juden, add candy into the mix, and he is one excited little boy.
Princess Leia exercising the force-

Ewok Naya with little monkey Nora.


Jennifer Kring said...

these are just too cute for words!! I know these little ones are my nieces and nephews, but geez, HOw BEAUTIFUL they are!!!

Anonymous said...

You're kids are so wonderful ~ thanks for 'sharing'.

My grandson Noah was REALLY into Starwars too for a while (he's like Juden different characters different days.) Anyway, one of my favorite things he did for awhile was everytime he came to automatic doors he'd have me step back instructing me he'd "use the force" then with a flourish of his hands the doors would open!

Aren't kids great?!