Thursday, July 17, 2008

studio attic

Josh and I used to joke when we bought our turn-of-the-century house that we lived in a Fight Club house. Meaning every square inch of it needed repair or updates. A half-lit fluorescent light dangled crookedly from wires over the greasy linoleum kitchen floor. The bathroom walls were spray-painted gold and sixties carpet adorned the floors. Broken windows and chipping paint abounded and, no lie, for about a week we washed dishes in a tub and went to the Conoco to use the bathroom. But we were first time home buyers, young and full of vision, so we just saw the history and charm of a beautiful old house with plenty of space to fill with wee ones. The stress set in later when we realized that every job would take twice the time and money we usually expected. Over the years with the helping hands of friends and family at times, he has done a wonderful job of restoring most of the house. He's had to do it all in his spare time and as children kept arriving, but I am so thankful for his hard work in making our home so comfy.
This summer project was to convert our decrepit attic,and home to the occasional pigeon, into a creative space to give drum lessons and record various musical projects. It is a relief to see it coming to and end, satisfying to be investing in our home and making a space to do something we both love. And check it out people, the finished product! I am so proud of him.

Juden and I have a new favorite place, this cozy reading nook.

I'll write more later on the music projects to come, but I'm gonna go hang with my love before he takes off for Ragbrai (which is a huge bike ride across Iowa) tomorrow for nine or so days. Oh, and to you ladies who will be on your own with the kiddos for the next week and a half, I'm sorry, I know my husband possesses some persuasive powers. But male bonding is good, no?


andyp said...

Wow. What a great job on the attic. Josh is going to fight the kids off when they become teenagers and want that space to roost.

I would've been on the ride across Iowa if we weren't expecting number 4 any day now. But why Iowa? Next year it has to be Idaho and all the lonely wifeys can come hang out together with Lynn and our place in Boise.

Darla said...

I knew Josh was working on the attic when I saw the "bodies" in the windows. Wow I am so impressed. I imagine you're really glad now that you kept the house.

linda said...

Oh my gosh, Darla, I know. There were a few days where I kept moving them but I so lost that battle. The red light between the limbless bodies was a nice touch ,huh? I'm sure the historical society loves it but hey, we're down to one mannequin making it look a little less like there is a serial killer in our attic.

katiek said...

I guess your talking to me huh? Well, I agree with you, male bonding is important. This week will be a challenge for me and I'm excited to see if I can do it. I know I'll earn some major points by letting Joel go on this trip!

The attic is gorgeous! I love the ceiling all paneled! I guess I don't drive through Stelmo enough to see the 'bodies' now I'm curious. Maybe I'll hafta backtrack after going to moms house tonight. I'm excited to hear your latest musical adventure Linda. I'm sure I'll love it from what I've heard you guys discuss.

Karen said...

The attic looks incredible Linda! Josh does some amazing work. I can't wait to see it myself. Hopefully we'll be able to get some time together one of these days.

JohnH said...

Wow, the studio looks great!

I'm just hoping Josh and Joel don't come back from Iowa cursing the day bicycles were invented. I've really enjoyed getting to hang with them on our weekly rides.

mwiegers said...

Wow the attic is indeed amazing! I'd love to take a peek at it sometime soon. Hope you are doing well.