Thursday, June 05, 2008


It seems like summer has taken it's cue from the arrival of June because all of the sudden it is hot. Time for sundresses, sprinkler's, popsicle's and pool days.

We recently got a membership to the nature center. I like this kind of outing with the kids where we can wander around, have a picnic, and look at animals. Here they are in a little "whoo, whoo..." chorus with the owl. And here is Ella striking a pose.

The kids are in vacation Bible school this week so we took Naya out for a breakfast date. I am enjoying the lovely quiet mornings with Naya all to myself.


Karen said...

We just did the same thing and got a membership at the nature center too. We need to go together with the kids someday and get some chat time.

Susan said...

I had so much fun with Ella and Juden at the pool yesterday. I love the summer, the hot days, the longer days and the pace that seems to slow the rhythm of the days. I hope we have a lot of opportunities for slowing the pace, though I know Josh has lots of goals planned for working on the house. So glad you all have the nature center to enjoy, it's such a wonderful place. Love, Mimi

jen said...

we are welcoming summer's simple pleasures too! so happy they are here... can't wait to play with all the kiddies at the pool!