Thursday, February 01, 2007

juden blaze is 3!

The name Juden is a variation of Judah which means praise. We chose Blaze because when he was inside of me with hands on my belly I prayed for him. One of the things I prayed the most was that God would enblazen His spirit on Juden's heart and that he would grow into a man of passion for God. So today we praise God for Juden Blaze and the little guy he is becoming. He has Josh's deep brown eyes and my light hair. It is quite amazing to watch this little person who is such a mix of both of us and yet totally his own person. He is affectionate , curious, hilarious and stubborn and everyday a source of great joy.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a nice little bit of snow for you guys down there. Ella doesn't look quite sure about it but Juden is enjoying it. Happy Birthday to my precious 3 year old! Nana xxxooo

jen said...

We love little Juden!!! Happy Happy Birthday, sweet one!

katiek said...

Happy Birthday Juden! Next year we can have a combo birthday and have a crazy little boy bonanza!