Thursday, February 22, 2007

A good run...

Though it might seem almost sacreligious in light of the marvelous news of our new baby Naya, I (Josh) have big news for my friends and family.

After approximately 8.3 years toiling away with Infradig, I am pulling the plug. Those of you that have witnessed what this band has been to me for the past few years know that I have made huge sacrifices to push forward the dream of my music. To be blunt, it has been my life. Linda, Juden, and Ella have, in some way or another, felt the burden of my vision and calling for years. I want to be as clear as I can be about how profoundly difficult this decision has been. I have prayed over what I should do for months, and I do feel confident that God has lead me to this point of submission.

That being said, I still wonder why in the world God has been directing me in the direction of music for the the past half of my life. It has always seemed overwhelmingly clear to me that I was on the path that he had set for me. In some ways, I now look back at 19 years of work and ask, "What was this for?" In the most obvious ways I am always able to articulate to myself the merit of my efforts (for better or worse, I'm a pretty good rhetoritician) . The correct answers are always the quickest, right?

What I'm getting at, is that when your mission in life is suspended, it tends to leave a void. It is virtually impossible to convey the absurdity of calling to Infradig. Countless nights left wanting within the bunk of our '84 Sunland Express on the outskirts of some city...always hoping and dreaming of the next show or festival and its promise...Intoxicated prophets singing your praises and predicting the next specific steps to your acquisition of greatness. Though the release of such promise and hope is liberating it simulatneously tends to deflate.

We aren't stopping fact there is much left to be done, some of which I hope you people will be a part of. There is more info on our websites:,


Anonymous said...

Josh, you are very talented and very brave. Good job, my friend.

Mom said...

Josh, I know what a tremendously hard decision this has been for you. I think you are the bestest drummer in the world, and God will help you channel this amazing musical gift for what He has in store for the future. He will honor you as changes come. I just wanted to tell you I am very proud of you and love you (and I have a lot of fun when I'm with you!). I'm glad my Linda fell for that cute guy behind the drums. God bless and keep you. Mom

Anonymous said...

wow. I cant imagine how hard the decision has been and will be, but it sure seems like good timing with the family growing.

anyway, it has indeed been a good run. I fondly recall the monkey hustle show in 3rd lobby long ago. and yes, there's a lilt sticker on my car (formerly andy's, formerly joel's). you will always rock, in one way or another.

lynnp said...

I'm incredibly proud of you. I can't wait to see what He reveals to/in you as the years pass and you get those, "Oh, that's what you were doing, God" moments.

We love you and miss you. It's bittersweet to see your beautiful new silky-haired beauty from so far away. Congratulations on all your blessings.

JR said...

I can't believe it.

I may try to get you in my punk band now.