Wednesday, June 27, 2007

when things get too quiet

I love a good yard sale. I like getting a peek at what people have stashed in their attic or basement. I've been to some pretty shabby ones in this neighborhood,and also noticed the phenomenon of the perpetual yard sale, where people just leave the same stuff on their porch or in their yard and try to sell it week after week. This past weekend renewed my faith. With Naya strapped to my chest I set out to have a look. I rummaged threw boxes with old cameras, Christmas ornaments, tools and toys. As I glanced up from admiring the pictures in a stack of Life magazines from the sixties, I noticed the man having the sale seemed pleased as Juden and Ella curiously explored all the trinkets that probably used to be his own kids. He smiled at Ella's squeals of delight as she squeezed a white plush cat. He was incredibly generous and gave the kids some things for free. And check out what else I scored there.
Five bucks people...I have always wanted to play. I may not have a lot of time right now but I'm looking forward to Josh getting me started. Besides how could I pass that up?

And I got these great stamps which will be awesome for making cards and scrap booking.
We also got some cool new craft supplies for Juden and when things got just a little too quiet here's where I found them...


Naya became the art project without even a single protest!


bobw said...

wow, quite a score! I got a cheap crappy guitar at a yard sale that the kids love to bang on. its nearly destroyed now, but they have fun. that looks like a pretty cool one with that carving in the headstock. enjoy!

Katie said...

Those are great great finds! Is the whole alphabet there? those things can get pricey! And what a fun guitar! That'll be great for you, whenever you can, wow. And I must say that Naya is so pretty, what a sweet face! I can hear your giggles as you hold the camera!

Susan said...

Seeing this guitar made me so happy and excited for new channels of creativity for such a gifted woman. And those pics of Juden and Naya are priceless! Love, Mimi

linda said...

Yep, the whole alphabet is there in lower case and capitals. I 've got another set that are smaller and a different style of lettering. I can use this for stuff that needs bigger lettering, not bad for two bucks!

lynnp said...

It's amazing how quickly baby number three learns to accept the type of attention thrown their way. Gid has the long-sleeved version of Juden's shirt. We've been trying to get him to tell people the White Album's his favorite, but he protests that he really likes green/pink/purple. I was admiring the carving on the guitar, too! That's awesome.